Wednesday, June 11, 2008

new things are happening.

lately it seems like every where i look, something new is happening. it’s overwhelming at times but it’s so good. new things bring about change and change is good…it allows us to see new things, experience new things and learn new things.

rachel [one of the suubi volunteers] left to go back to the States last week. it was sad to see her go and though i know she is going to miss all of the wonderful suubi women, i also know how excited she was to see her husband. after three months away from the man you love, i bet she was ready to see him! (:

apart from myself, renee is the only other suubi affiliated person here and even she leaves in a week! not having renee here will be a little sad/hard and so completely different than what we’re all used to but i know that her going back to the States is all in the plan. she’s been here for over 9 months so it’s crazy she’s leaving but i’m sure she’ll be back here in Africa before she knows it!!

although Rachel is gone and renee will soon be going, i think i’ll be okay. as most of you know, my sister comes here on wednesday night and will stay for a month. it’ll be good to have her here for a bit. i’m hoping she has a good time getting to know the Uganda that i fell in love with long ago.

suubi is going to be all over the States this summer at various places spreading the word about what we’re about and also sharing the stories of the women with everyone they see. i know it’s close to impossible but part of me would really love to be able to be back in the States for a week in July to be at one of the festivals suubi will be at. it’s not that i am doubting dave will do a good job (: but i think it’d be so much more than fun to spend a few days on the American side of things…sharing the incredible stories from here in Uganda with all the people i’d meet.

in other suubi news, a couple of new and exciting things are in the works. i don’t know how much information i’m “allowed” to let you all in on but just trust that it’s good stuff. because of the support everyone in America has given towards these women, suubi is having the opportunity to grow. keep your ears open and your eyes peeled!

i guess another big piece of news is that i’m moving houses. there are many reasons why this move is the best decision for me but the most urgent is that when renee leaves next week, the suubi house will be completely empty. i don’t think anyone involved with suubi [including myself] would feel comfortable with that house being empty for an extended amount of time. leaving the girls i’ve been living with for almost 4 months will make moving away from this house difficult but i’m incredibly thankful that it’s only a 10-15 minute move. the girls already spend Sunday afternoons at the suubi house but in addition to that, i’ll be able to come back here a couple of afternoon/evenings a week to see them. not seeing them isn’t an option to me. they are great and i love them so much!

so that’s life on the outside.

on the inside i’d say that i’m seeing that in order to stay sane and to not get myself stressed out, there are things in my life that i’m having to ‘give up’ [at least for the time being]. these things that i want or desire are not bad or even necessarily unhealthy, it’s just that i’m finding and learning that in surrendering things to the greater purpose of the Lord is more beneficial than anything else i could do with them.

i’m learning a lot about really enjoying the place i’m at. not seeking to always know what’s ahead…not always demanding to know the next step. with the help and mercy of the Lord, i’m attempting to tame my wandering mind that always seems to make a beeline for the future. it’s only because of His grace that i’m alive. all i have is today and tomorrow is not promised to me. therefore i’m living in the light He’s given me today.

thank you to everyone who is reading this. your thoughts and prayers and words of encouragement continue to serve me in tremendous ways.