Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy mothers day.

this blog is dedicated to my dear mom. on this day where it’s all about the mothers in our lives, whether biological or not, i want everyone to know how great i think she is.

thank you for everything you have done for me and everything you will do for me. i know that i have not been home with you for mothers day for the past two years and i am sorry for that but thank you for understanding why.

thank you for seeing the value of both my life and the lives of others. thank you for believing in me when i may not even believe in myself. thank you for constantly showering me with prayers. thank you for providing for me both physically and emotionally since the day i was born.

thank you for being an example and for being strong in the Lord even when you feel weak. thank you for showing me what beauty has the ability to look like. thank you for encouraging me to obey the Lord, even if it means leaving home countless times to love and follow Him in distant lands.

i don’t express it near enough but i am grateful for you.
i know that i will always have not only a mother in you but a friend.
i love you!

another blog coming soon…