Thursday, January 15, 2009

it's cold

"...those orange juice drinking floridan sissys....i'm going there next week."
"haHAhahaHA" [creepy laugh]

--new york city man talking of how cold florida is
on the TodayShow

it's cold here in most of america. SO COLD. there is a chance that my ass will actually freeze itself off. when i woke up this morning, the wind chill was -13. i am not used to this people. i know i've been back for just over two weeks but come on! i had over 10 months of solid warmth and now THIS? oh geez.

the cold is not the cause but...
i may be on the move in the upcoming months.
good-bye kansas, hello....some other state?

being away from the PEOPLE/things i love the most is hard.
but i'm learning.