Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a new day.

so here we are on one the most historical days ever in regards to politics and racial equality our nation has ever seen.

as i was doing my thang on the elliptical machine at my 'fitness club' today, FOX News [sick blech] was on one of the tv's. though it's not my news channel of choice, i had no other election based option and really, i guess it was ok because at this point, it was only the parade being shown. anyways. i started thinking about this whole day and what it means for our country and what it COULD look like for our country and the thoughts just kept coming.

i was thinking about how it's slightly funny that so many americans support and trust the new president [not just obama, any president]. i just feel like it's so out of the ordinary for so MANY americans to place so much hope in one man when it's not guaranteed that he will succeed in what is expected of him. i am not saying that we should not get behind a candidate and support them, it just struck me for a minute how that's not usually how the american people work. we usually like to have things lined up and figured out and set in stone before we really commit to them. put i suppose that's the world of politics? nothing is ever set in stone.

all of that said...i am, like many americans, support obama. he was the one that caused me to shout and jump up and down in uganda when i heard the news he was elected president on november 4. he was the one i voted for, he was the one i trust and hope to do the best job for our country. knowing he has so much ahead of him [SO MUCH], it's my hope that the america people will stick with him and do their best to treat him as a respected leader. knowing he won't do everything we want or he'll make choices we don't all necessarily agree with, i hope we're able to maintain an ample amount of respect and honor. we're so quick to get on the presidents case when things don't go our way but try to imagine the weight and pressure of such a position. his humanness will surely show in the upcoming months and years but keep in mind that he's in the same boat as we are...the human boat of mishaps and mess-ups.

oh i hope good things for the next 4 years.

to the men and some of the women who could probably care less about 'cuteness', please ignore the next line.
the obama family is adorable and his two girls are so cute. what nice little ladies.

in honor of such a day, i am listening to derek webbs politically charged album, mockingbird.
i've enjoyed this [free] album for so long now. there is so much meaning behind the lyrics.
so many thoughts about how to personally fuse the two worlds of faith and politics.
faith and politics. quite the subject if you want to ask me.

"let it be said by our children's children that when we were tested we refused to let this journey end, that we did not turn back nor did we falter, and with eyes fixed on the horizon and God's grace upon us, we carried forth that great gift of freedom and delivered it safely to future generations."
-taken from barack obama's inauguration speech

in completely different news, i want the world to know how blessed i am by this guy:

i can't believe that i have the opportunity and blessing of calling him mine.
he believes in me. he cares about me. he brings me sanity when i need it most.
i'm learning from him.
being with him and loving him has been quite a journey and...
i'm glad it's not over.

whether you're freezing cold, burning hot or somewhere in the milder sections of the country,
enjoy your day.
may peace be yours.