Sunday, April 20, 2008

time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking

and here is the updated that i have unfortunately had such a hard time putting together for you all.
speaking of 'you all'...i don't know who exactly that is!
let me know if you're reading this! (: (:

i haven't exactly 'proofed' this blog...sorry in advance for the mistakes!

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i’ve recently taken on a job with the non-profit, light gives heat [] specifically with their suubi project [] and so far, so good. it's primarily a project with the purpose of providing the women in Walukuba, Uganda with a steady income through the buying of necklaces in Uganda and then selling them in the States. but really, with suubi, it goes much further than ‘the business’. suubi is, at the heart of it all, a relationship. a relationship with the women in these communities, a relationship with the volunteers in Uganda and a relationship with those who hear their story in America. it’s a project that comes full circle…a project that desires not only to assist in bettering the lives of the Ugandan women and their families but they desire a change in the hearts of the Americans who hear their story.

every human, man or women, adult or child, rich or poor, has a beautiful story that deserves to be told and suubi understands this and wants the stories of these women to be know. i am positive that as i continue to get to know the women and learn their stories, my heart and life will be transformed. i am so excited to know the hearts of these women.

i’ve had many thoughts lately and here is a quote that i think helps put thoughts into words. it’s a long quote but stick with me…

“The truth is that we, in our hyperprosperity, may be able to live without meaning, faith or purpose, filling our threescore years and ten with a variety of entertainments—but most of the world cannot. If economics is implicated in the conflict, it is mostly in an ironic sense: only an abundance of riches such as no previous generation has known could possibly console us for the emptiness of our lives, the absence of stable families and relationships, and the lack of any overarching purpose…. Normal people {that is, the rest of the world}, however, cannot exist without real meaning, without religion anchored in something deeper than existentialism and bland niceness, without a culture rooted deep in the soil of the place where they live.”

-excerpt from the book ‘why the rest hates the west’

these words are dripping with truth. whether or not we’d like to admit it, they hold significant amounts of truth…they are indeed a reality. these words challenge my heart in the way i think…the way i live…the way i interact.

when the quote talks of how ‘the rest of the world’ cannot exist without real meaning, i see that in the lives of so many here in uganda. in the midst of tragedy, poverty and truly unthinkable circumstances, there lies a mysterious presence of hope, love, joy and provision. it’s one of the most wonderful sights i’ve ever seen in my life. more than almost any other time in my life, i see the people around me refusing to believe that this is all there is. they, more than i believe i have ever done, are seeing the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ and believing that it’s true. believing that it’s good. believing that it’s pure.

[inspired by a song sara groves sings]

the courage that these women have makes me ask myself what i’m afraid of.

“do not be afraid little flock for it has pleased your Father to give you the kingdom.”

luke 12

i’m not sure about you, but if a Holy God is promising a kingdom, that shouldn’t leave much room for my little heart to worry. especially considering that when this Holy God that i am in love with says ‘kingdom’, he is not just talking about an earthly, material kingdom but a kingdom that extends much further than our minds can conceive. a kingdom that meets every need, every true desire, every hardship with a smile and a True Solution.

as i am here learning, loving and living in uganda, africa, i am desiring to see the kingdom of God come in a little closer to not just my heart but to all of those around me. i am working towards a more true love towards all. i am trusting that the sacrifice of Jesus was, is and will always be enough for me and every human i see. i am learning that i don’t have all the answers. i am hoping that with lovesick glance i receive from Him, my heart will fall deeper in love with the One who created me.

i will continue to keep you all updated on the organization that i talked about in my previous blog...exciting things are happening, truly.

thanks for being with me on this pursuit of something larger than myself.

without any hesitation, i would absolute love to hear how your lives are.

it’s getting to that time in my stay here that comments/emails/messages from those i love in states are getting few and far between. please friends and family…i truly wish to know how you are! leave a comment…send an email…my heart rejoices in your lives.


Amber said...

Hi Julie...
I read...I sheck almost daily for updates :) Truley inspiring and wonderful. Will and I were contemplating maxing out all criedt cards for a trip to Uganda in January...I think we have decided against it. What happened to airfare??? I got my first round trip ticket to EBB from LA for under $1000...ugh...sadness! I hope things are well and you are in our prayers!
Amber (and Will)

melissa sue said...

I sent you an email last night..I sure hope you get it! I love you!

Rachel said...

I started reading this just before you headed out. It's exciting to hear what God has been doing with and through you. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Julie:
My name is Kirstin and I will be meeting you in August. I am coming out to subbi for either three or six months, (i cant decide). I have been checking your blogs daily (infact hah its in my favorites bar at the top of my safari explorer) and I cant wait to meet you! What you have writen so far in your blogs have only given me confermation from God that Subbi is where He wants me to be. Thanks so much for the updates!
You rock!

melissa sue said...

I LOOOOOOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. I read your blogs over and over and over and a STALKER.

l o


Light Gives Heat said...

Its Dave... So it sounds like you actually know what we hired you for after all! Just kidding, either your really smart or you have a really good boss.

Thanks for living intentionally outward and for loving those around you, even when its not easy!

Bethany said...

I love you Julie! I check your blog every few days when I can (like, every week or two?)...I have two weeks of class, then exams and I'm DONE!! Not sure what's next-if I'll remain at my school or go elsewhere...waiting to see. Miss you! Hope to see you before too many years pass. :)

So glad things are going well.

Bethany [[the Beautiful]]

melissa sue said...


meghan said...

i love your heart and your passion for God. i am praying for you!!!