Wednesday, July 30, 2008

yesterday, today and tomorrow.

everything about the Lord is steady. for him, today will be the same as yesterday and yesterday will be the same as tomorrow. that’s one of the beautiful things about the Eternal One. in many ways, i need to have integrity and be the same yesterday, today and tomorrow but i can’t escape this truth that i am ever-changing. with each day that passes, i am less and less the same. there are a lot of dead things in me. this needs to change. the Lord is constantly shedding light on the dark, dead things to bring a new sense of life to my entire being.

i’m learning that as i give more, i am gaining more.

God has given me the sweetest joy in knowing that this lesson is not something that i am doing; it’s all his doing. as i find myself convicted and as i find myself acting on those convictions, God is giving me a better understanding of what refinement is. it is in that raging holy fire that i am changing.

my hearts purpose has not and will not change. i’ve been placed here on this soil to make the kingdom of the living God known through the act of loving and serving others. God doesn’t want my eyes to just read the gospels, but to live The Gospel. as a child of God, i am to live a life of love and to imitate His character. He wants me to live acknowledging that His grace and mercy are enough.

the past days have been filled to the brim with fantastic conversations. these conversations have been thought provoking and encouraging and confusing. it was such a blessing to have had a friend from back “home” around…i had almost forgotten what it looks like to have a face to face conversation with someone who fully understands what you say when you say it.

there have been parts of the past two weeks that have been nothing but absolute chaos but when i sit back and think about how temporary it all is for me, i look inside, gain a new strength and find the courage to press on. my load is light in comparison to others. there have been so many faithful people in the world who have carried more than i could ever imagine. when i look at their load and i look at mine, i’m gently reminded that i really don’t have it that bad. things may be crazy and at times overwhelming and frustrating but at the end of the day…i always see the protection and provision of the Lord is big and small ways. i get what it means to rest in the Lord.

there are a few new suubi volunteers coming in a august and one of them is a guy! apart from dave [the official director], there haven’t been a whole bunch of guys join us here at suubi. yes, our work is primarily with women but it definitely extends to their families which usually includes males. and in most situations, you can find that men are able to bring something to the table that women aren’t able to and i think to have a guy or two around is going to be great!

i have been brainstorming some ideas of how to better serve the entire community of Walukuba and hopefully between my ideas and the brilliant ideas i’m sure the new volunteers will bring to the table, i think we’ll be able to start up some fun new things. i’ll be sure to keep you updated!

i still find myself walking down the road, turning to the person i’m with and exclaiming “geeeez, i love living here!” the path of my life will probably change in the upcoming years but for now i can’t even begin to explain how much i really enjoy where i’ve been placed and the work that’s been put before me.

wherever i’m at and whatever i’m doing, i know i’ll always be able to stand firm in the love that never fails and on the truth that is as steady as a rock. it’s my prayer that as the hands and feet of the invisible God, we would all grow in love and truth action, knowing we aren’t alone in anything we do.

i am thankful for each one of you.

may you be blessed today.


Amber said...

I fire re-ignites within me everytime you post a new blog. I miss Uganda (can I repeat myself any more???) more than anything. I can hear the noises, smell the Ugandan air, see the stunning faces...oh how I love it! But more than that, what rings true for me everytime, is the necessity of being content and using everything I have to be in THIS moment, where I am here, as mom and wife. Even when washing/hanging out cloth diapers really just doesn't seem like "God's work" I need to know that I am here RIGHT NOW because he placed me here. So thank you for your encouragement...

melissa sue said...

julie julie julie,
I tried calling you several times today and the kept saying your phone number had been disconnected. I want to talk to youuuu -- so lets connect with the guy on the MTN flyer you sent me and make it happen HAH (I'll try again tomorrow).
ps: AUGUST 29th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rachel rianne said...

okay, so i suck and didn't call you this weekend. i didn't get a phone card online friday when i wanted to, and then i found out that i went over in text messages last month, and i think that some of it might have been because of international texts too... ugh. so how about this. i'll purchase the calling card. let you know when i do. then we will set a phone date for sometime in the next weeks. okay? i'd love that if we could. just... probably not as many text messages, haha. i love you!