Monday, November 24, 2008

i want your voice.

“poverty is so hard to see when it’s only on your tv or
twenty miles across town where we’re living so good.”

when we walk out our front door in america, we may see a car and green grass and smooth roads and smell fresh air but lets not forget that not everyone in the world is so fortunate. it’s a hard reality to face but in America, even with our messed up economy, we really do hold the potential to do so many good things in the world

being in the presence of one of the women in Suubi is always an adventure. their senses of humor…their facial expressions…their odd phrases…their gratitude…their gentleness…their perseverance…their example…it’s all priceless. over and over again, i’m humbled by their hospitality and kindness. hearing stories about their past, their families, their struggles, their hopes and their desires is such an encouragement to me. it’s my hope and honest prayer that when i am back in America, they will stay with me. not for the sake of having memories to keep in my head and heart but so that God may use the stories of these women to challenge and encourage the hearts around me. these women work harder than you could ever imagine for Suubi and their families and every necklaces sold in America really does make a difference in their lives. it’s a joy and blessing to be here with them in uganda.

“more than just your cash and coin,
i want your time, i want your voice.”


Becky said...

i never know what to say than what a blessing. just stopping by to read.

Rachel said...

Love that song.