Tuesday, December 23, 2008

good season.


To the women of Suubi,

I know that this day where I say good-bye to you has come sooner than we all thought it would but even so, I want to make the best of this hard day. I am better at writing my thoughts down than I at speaking and so I have decided to give you my “thank you” in a letter.

I need you ladies to know how thankful I am to have spent the past nine months with you. You have brought so much joy and fun to my life and heart. In the many months that I have been away from America and my own family, you have become like an extended family to me. The time spent with you in your homes has taught me so much about hospitality and kindness. The way that you all face problems with a smile on your face and hope in your heart is something that I admire of you. You have shown me what true beauty looks like.

Over the past nine months, you have taught me, with words and without words, so much about so many different subjects. What I’ve learned from you will travel with me to America next week. I have been here in Uganda working hard beside you over the past months and although it’s sad to say good-bye, please don’t forget that though you may not see my face every week, I will still be working for you.
ronald, mollys boy

If I have learned anything over the past months, it is that you all work hard and deserve so much. When I am in America, I will do my best to tell everyone I know about you. I’ll share your stories with people and I will tell them about your wonderful personalities. Your necklaces are beautiful and I will sell as many as possible to those around me.

You are being left with good people. Joe and Melissa love you all very much and they will take very good care of you. Be nice to them and continue to show them how great you are. I am sad to leave you but it is good for all of us to know that you won’t be left alone. Continue loving one another and taking care of one another. I pray you all live in peace with one another. Never forget that we are all working towards the same goal of peace and love and life.

So for now, I say good-bye. I love you all deeply and you will forever be in my heart. I am a different person because of you. Don’t forget how far God has brought us all.

I love you and we will be in touch soon.
julie, my "namesake"

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Ashley said...

oh my goodness, julie is ridiculously cute! not you, the other one. i guess you're okay, too.

i know it will be so sad/hard to leave, but we're all so excited for you to be back! and those ladies will never forget you. just like you'll never forget them. how could you forget santa? i mean, really.

i'm so proud of all you've done and love you muchly.

see you so soon!