Friday, January 2, 2009

i'm{not}fooling myself.

i am back in america.
everything here moves so fast.
also, the bright lights are overwhelming at times.
rooms seem small because the ceilings are so low
[in comparison to ceilings in uganda]

new years eve came...and went...
without me leaving the house.
i needed time alone to process
[i ended up looking at apartments in kansas city]

i've yet to give myself a good amount of time to think.
what i should be doing, i'm not.
i need to sit. read. listen. write. think. think. think.
it'll come. i've only been here 4 days. [weird?]

lack of processing aside...
i miss this man like mad.
[come quick february 16. please.]

1 comment:

Ralene said...

Oh Jules, give yourself time to process. I'm sure being back in the states is a big well as I'm sure people are just vieing for time with the wonderful Julie. God will give you the time to work through what you need to as long as you keep your heart leaning toward Him. I hope that all is going well. God bless...