Tuesday, February 3, 2009

can't go back.

it's a new season friends.

there is a good amount of happy.
there is a good amount of shitty.
i'm ok with it all right now.
can't seem to catch a break when it comes to learning things.
whatever. it's probably best that way.

helped two little girls make necklaces tonight from suubi beads.
it was fun to be with them but it wasn't the same as sitting in one of those ladies homes and eating matoke with them and insisting they didn't buy me a pop.
it will never be the same.
i will never be the same.

i miss sneaking up behind betty and scaring her and then getting into tickle fights with her. they usually backfired on me when josh and her would team up to get me.

yeah. i'll never be the same...


Emily said...

aw yeah. You never will be. That's a good thing tho. Excited for you to get your josh back.

Amy said...

totally 100% understand. it gets better and it gets easier. and our god is faithful and knows our hearts and desires-heck! he put them in us!- follow him and he'll bless you..more than he already has!

or....do like i do and live vicariously through katie!:)

Auntie Amanda said...

this new season will be a good one for you, i can feel it.
thank you for making me laugh so hard this morning when i opened this and saw the many faces of achiro betty. what a ham.