Saturday, February 14, 2009

the time is near.

i leave in less than 48 hours for calgary, alberta.
to see that guy. isn't he just so cute?!
[he's also so wonderful to me]

my parents gave me tulips for valentines day.
there's a hot postponed valentines date in store for josh&i next week.

this has NEVER ever been a problem for me but...
i'm having a hard time cutting back on what shoes i pack for calgary.

here's a riddle for you all in the blog world...
what's kelly green, burnt orange and ivory?
[answer to come soon]

until then, be fruitful and increase in number and fill the world.
uh...wait. no that's not what i meant. hah.


Auntie Amanda said...

you are silly. delightfully so.

Rachel and Arielle said...

your post made me have a huge smile julie! i love you and josh! please give a very enthusiastic "hi!" and a hug to josh from me and my "special friend," aka Arielle. (you did see our stationary didn't you?) have josh give you a "hi!" and hug from us too!

have a wonderful reunion with the bf. you guys are cute.

much love,

Ralene said... it Julie when she steps off the plane to see Josh? Ivory skin, kelley green shirt and burnt orange pants? Actually that sounds more like a guys outfit...maybe. lol... I'm glad you're getting excited and finding the joys of being a girl (lots of shoes!!)

until then, i will said...

i got tulips for valentine's too! other news...
did you send me some mail?