Friday, April 10, 2009

it's not about us.

friends of the blog world...
it's been a long time.

since we've last talked, i got engaged.

i'm getting married in august.
moving to canada in august.
probably learning what real selfishness looks like in august.

josh and i are really seeking out which road Jesus is going to lead us down.
there are so many options, leading to so many different places.
we're asking that by his love, grace and humility.
we want to live in ways that glorify his name and not our own.

so many things. so many things. so many things.
being in love with Josh has awakened me to the FACT that on my own, i am not capable of loving a person. over and over, day in and day out, i'm being taught a lesson of grace, humility, sacrifice, joy and victory.

"you make all things work together for our good."
even when things don't seem to make sense [living 1500 miles apart from the man you're engaged to], i hope we gain a better sense of how ALL things really do work together for GOOD. he has new mercy for us every day.

at the end of the day, this whole being in love thing isn't about us.
it's about our sweet jesus, it's about others.

we'd don't want to be alone on this journey.
join us, won't you?

hopefully it won't be another 2 months before i post.


Amber said...

oh my exciting!!!! Can't wait to hear more details...

Emily said...

so uhhh...could you please blog again. I miss hearing what you've got going detail. haha!

lindsey brooke said...


love, brian and lindsey
from akiba on main street
(also back in the USofA now)