Monday, June 15, 2009

not a lot of thought.


the "t" block in my gym's name is taped onto the wall.

we got our engagement pictures in the mail today. our wonderful photographer edited 30 pictures for us and for the most part, i love them. if i don't like the picture, it's definitely not because of the shot or because of josh. it's of course because i think i look funny. oh well. such is life!

i mailed off my first forms for immigration. i was nervous. i'm hoping [PRAYING] everything was right and that it gets processed smoothly, not to mention quickly.

i've gone since my birth date without being fingerprinted and within the past 2 weeks i've been fingerprinted not one, not two, not three but four times. canadian immigration, you will be one of the most stressful and fruitful things i've ever done. bring it onnnnn.

took maggie [my dog] to petco the other day. [petco: it's where the pets go] we got her nail trims there because it's close to impossible to do it ourselves. it takes three people here at home, not joking. her nails were so long she couldn't keep her feet beneath her. she kept sliding and slipping. it was a little sad, mostly funny. also, she's the most anti-social dog ever. she could care less if there are other dogs around.

venting thought:
why do people get you wedding gifts that you don't register for?
does that even make sense?
isn't that the POINT of a registry?

my hours are getting cut at work.
it's irritating. i need 10 hours. help!

more to come.

a few engagement pictures:
[our wedding pictures will be great]


Bethany said...

you two are about the cutest couple ever. and i haven't even seen you together in person :)

you are beautiful and will make such a beautiful bride! i'm excited for you :)


sarah guerrie. said...

oh julie.

i love love love those photos. you will have wonderful wedding photographs. iloveyou.

carrie said...

Confession: I have been guilty of buying wedding gifts that aren't on a registry. But it wasn't avocado green towels or weird crystal serving bowls or anything like that...just picture frames.

You and josh are so stinkin' cute.

Amber said...

I have no idea why people deviate from the "oh I know this is what THEY want...but I have decided they would like MY idea more!!!" soooo irritating!