Wednesday, March 19, 2008

long time coming.

i wrote this approximately 5 days ago.
its just now getting up here - sorry


“home is where the heart is”

we’ve all heard the saying. we’ve all probably rolled our eyes at how completely cliché it sounds. but whether you think it’s ridiculous or not, it’s my prayer that one day you will experience it.

I know now more than ever that heaven is our eternal home and nothing on this earth has ever, will ever or can ever take that away from us as believers in Christ but what a joy it is to be where your heart is…to be where the Lord has led you. for me, whether I am riding down the road on the back of a piki looking at the sun reflect off of the River Nile or holding a child because they fell down the steps or walking by a group of school children who are dancing around in circles in their underwear…my heart is absolutely soaring. i cannot imagine a more pleasing spot for me to be.

being here of course has it’s frustrations but recently it’s just made me laugh because almost every single one of the frustrations doesn’t come from the people of Uganda or the ‘typical’ African situations most seem to get frustrated with. i’m recognizing more than ever how vitally important attitude is and how crucial the need for love is. in all situations. in all circumstances. in all relationships. in all of our weeks, days, hours and minutes. in thinking about these situations and how the presence of Christ’s love is often lacking, i’m just reminded of the verse that talks about how the love of Christ controls us. i am but a human and so my life is a far cry from speaking and living this truth out 100% of my days, but God is moving. i believe that even in recognizing my shortcomings, the glory of God is being revealed. not for my sake or your sake but His alone.

i’ve also learned in the recent weeks [in a new way] that if we say we are serving others in the name of Christ, our actions sure as heck better be showing that. i am my own person and though the strength of God is with me and is strong, dealing with the problems that other ‘Christians’ have left behind is hard. in all of the frustrations of the day, whether big or small, i am attempting to weave grace in and out of all that i do. if you desire to pray for me, i would ask that you would join me in this prayer: that the grace of God that i’ve come to know is good enough and deep enough for me would be extended to all of those around me without hesitation.

my time at Amani Baby Cottage isn’t exactly full time anymore but i’m okay with that. i still plan on spending as many afternoons as possible there loving on, caring for and serving the children. little josie is doing good. i am praying for continued strides towards better health and further physical and mental development. she has so much potential, she just needs to be worked with on a one on one basis on a regular basis. when she’s not being ridiculously stubborn, you can find her ‘crawling’ around towards whatever has grabber her attention. she loves bath time and she [usually] loves to be tossed into the air. though she is not legally ‘mine’, i consider her as nothing but a gift in my life. may the Lords way and will be done in our lives (: (:

if you couldn’t already tell, i’m absolutely loving my time here. there are up days and there are down days but so goes life, right? i’ve found myself saying it over and over, again and again but i just can’t believe this life is mine. this life that i am living is a gift from God and i am doing my best to protect and treasure it.

i know that i probably don’t make a whole lot of sense at times but thank you for taking the time to read all of my ramblings. thanks for reassuring me that i’m not alone in what i do and what i desire. as i write this, i am praying that whoever you and wherever you come from, the complete joy and indescribable goodness of the Lords would be yours.

feel free to comment or email me or whaaatver you’d like to do.
i would love to hear from you.
let me know how i can be praying for you.

our God is big.


a few more pictures:

in addition to that blog, i would ask for prayers.
much has been brought to my attention.
the Lords direction needs to be directing my steps.
i am praying. the burden is heavy. the Lord makes it light.
more on all of this mumbo jumbo later.


Amy and Bethany's Ugandan Adventures! said...

yeah julie! thanks for the update:) i've now got my mom reading it too;)

give josie and sophie a giant hug and i'm praying for you!!

Amber said...

Wow...what beauty is in your words...We are praying for you and know that reading your blogs are always a breath of fresh air to this girl who misses her "home" ...which is where my heart still resides

Anonymous said...

i feel the same way... beautifully written. It's good to hear an update from you! I pray things are well...wondering how the little one is who was burned last week... Jesse, was it?
Much love,