Monday, March 17, 2008

sorry for the lack of 'blogging' folks.

i have had one written on my computer for over 2 days now but i haven't been able to get my laptop hooked up to the internet since then. hopefully in the next 2 days i'll be able to put it up so you all can read!

until then, know i am safe. i am sound. and i am in love with this place.
pray for direction.
i want to be able to meet the needs i see in a Holy, responsible way.


Amber said...

Hi Julie...

Eve this short little note makes me miss Uganda...I can feel Uganda in your words. My friends Sennyonjo, from Uganda, is on his way here...he is somewhere in the states at the moment speaking...he has an orphanage there and is working on gettin sponsors. It will be nice to see him. We will take him the Ugandan resturant and have matooke and chipatas!!! Mmmm yummy!
Be Blessed!

Anonymous said...

I sat in a gas station parking lot for THIRTY minutes this morning trying to call you. I need to talk to you...I miss you. please let me know your EXACT number...the lady from union telecard is no help what-so-ever. I love you alot and look forward to talking to you so soon.-melissa