Sunday, June 21, 2009

success in a new way!

a couple of weekends ago, my sister and i went garage sale-ing[?] for fun. the only thing we came away with was a red kitchen aid silicon loaf pan for $.75. not bad a bad price considering retail value is $15. i hadn't got the chance to use it until tonight. i can now say that i have successfully made homemade bread in the pan. and i'm so excited about it!!

a good chunk of yesterday was spent compiling recipes for a homemade recipe book. i really enjoyed myself! there are SO many different recipes out there and i cannot wait to get started making them. i kept getting so excited whenever i'd see a good recipe because i knew i'd be making it for my husband in our own little apartment in calgary in just over a month and a half. it's no suprise that most men appreciate really good food. i hope i don't fail josh in that area. ha (:

i'm so sure that many women who read this will think 'oh cute naive engaged girl...thinking that cooking for her husband and family will always be great' i'm not unaware that the glory of it all will eventually fade into a routine but i'm pretty okay with that. i'm pretty okay with a routine that allows me serve my husband and children in such a creative way [cooking].

anyone out there have any good [HEALTHY] recipes? i should admit that i'm SUCH a sucker for weight watcher recipes. so many weight watcher recipes that i've made/ate are so good and so healthy. it's such a good way to eat good without sacrificing flavor. mmm mmm. watch out....without a job in canada maybe i'll become a cooking/baking freak and start a FOOD BLOG. ohhh man. that'd be awesome. i'll keep you updated.

i'm currently packing for my next trip to calgary. i fly there on tuesday afternoon. i can't wait. such a sense of security when i'm around this man:

we have a whole list of things to get done while i'm there. some fun, some official business like stuff related to immigration. hopefully getting a good chunk of stuff done and out of the way. i'll be going with all the groomsmen to get measured for a tux. so much fun. oh! also, furniture shopping! i'm really looking forward to that. so weird i'll be living in CANADA. life never ceases to take me on a ride. thankfully, starting august 7, i won't be riding alone...i'll have the most handsome and capable man next to me.

[ps - josh got SO excited when he found out that there was a theme park on our honeymoon route. it was cute. i'm excited to go with will be had with my HUSBAND]

our wedding day is now is 47 days away [thank you]
my dress is getting altered...pick it up on july 7.
fingers crossed everything turns out well (:

currently listening to: leona naess

until next time world.


Amber said...

Hey Julie...I get TONS of recepies from and her stuff is amazing...all of her soups are just the most incredible things ever...and if there are things that you don't eat (we don't eat a lot of meat or dairy at our house) they are SUPER easy to switch up...I highly recommend raiding her blog...its awesome!

Jessica said...

I've gotten some GOOD recipes from there. And if *I* can cook it, so can you. I have a few specific ones I can send you if you want :)